I help business owners

Discover how to maintain your passion and decrease overwhelm.

I help small business owners and teams discover their true potential and live a more balanced life. Discover the plan that works for you to hack productivity and get back to why you started your business.

Systms and Strategy Consulting Services

1:1 System and Strategy Intensive

The one day intensive program will give you a new perspective on your growing business.

LENGTH: 5 Hour (1 Day Intensive)

• Delineate organizational and industry best practices

• Define pain points

• Streamline workflow

• Create targets and action items to alleviate pain points and organizational issues

• Document current manual tasks

• Define solutions for API automation

• Create to do list post daily intensive to stay on track and accountable

• 1 follow up strategy meeting post intensive (30 minutes)

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A La Carte Consulting

Strategize your business to minimize overwhelm, maximize returns, and free up your time.

INVESTMENT: $150/hour
or retainer rate will be determined
LENGTH: Ongoing

• Take an audit of business “leaks” & prioritize in order of importance 

• Tackle top leaks in the categories of Task Management, Financial Tracking, and Client Management.

• Strategic roll out to implement, test, & refine new systems. 

• Monthly coaching/consulting calls  

• Customized approach to your business goals and requirements

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Streamlined Business Package

The streamline package allows you the ability to define the needs of your organization, and create a detailed task oriented checklist to reach ultimate goals for your business. After the course, you will be set-up for success and able to implement your action items.

LENGTH: 16 Weeks

• Includes 12 (30 minute) weekly sessions

• Weekly strategy meetings

• Specify corporate accountability

• Brainstorming Sessions

• Goal planning

• Goal action item implementation

• System planning

• Systems implementation

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Full Service System and Strategy Package

This Full-Service program is ideal for the client who wants to maximize their time and return on investment. We help define goals, and implement the automation strategy FOR you with the systems and processes your business requires.

LENGTH: 3 Month Program

Task Management
Involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. Task management can help either individual achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

Workflow + Process Creation
Feeling confusion or worry about dropping the ball because you’re trying to remember everything.

System Implementation
Stuck in the day-to-day because every system relies on you. Never able to ‘turn off’ your work brain. Lack of presence creates diminished customer service. Financial tracking

Financial Audit
Save yourself from tax penalties, have clarity on where & how much you’ve spent. Know where your money is going and when it’s coming. 

Prospect/ Client management

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How does it work?

Ready to transform your business?

Better Return on Investment

Improve your profit margins with minimized waste and tax penalties by having more control of your finances.

Build Relationships

Allow for better relationships with customers & increase client retention over time all while enjoying those relationships more

Enhanced Customer Service

Gain consistency with your level of customer service and attract ideal and more qualified clients.

Ready to start? Let's talk!

We can't wait to talk to you and see how we can help streamline your business and achieve your organizational goals.

This is not for everyone!

Working together is perfect if...

This is NOT for you if...

You are happy with the status quo

Think your business processes are running efficiently

Have flawless systems automation set up for your organization

You have zero stress and overwhelm in your current business model

Have the perfect amount of clients

This is for you if...

You want increased client retention and lifetime value.

You want more freedom to make more money and have more free time. Improve your mental freedom to be more present inside & outside of the business. 

Require accountability, clarity, and an action plan to help your business continue to GROW.

Want a renewed enjoyment of life and business

Want to automate and have an efficiently ran business.

Want to eliminate the feeling of chaos that isn't sustainable.

Headed towards burnout & want a change of pace.

Are tired of putting out fires in your business but don't know how to move out of the mayhem.

You want to grow your business, but are already at max capacity & don't have the mental clarity to know what to focus on.

Wants a renewed enjoyment of life and business.


Everything you need to know

How long does the consulting process take?

Our programs vary in length from a one day intensive to 16 week programs. We also offer full-service monthly consulting as well as an ongoing option.  Don’t stress about the timing, we can customize packages to make sense for you.

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant is a trained professional who provides expert advice in a particular area. Business consultants analyze business practices, identify pain points, and recommend task based solutions.

What are the benefits of hiring a consultant?

Having a business systems and strategy consultant in your circle is essential for the overall success of your small business. Some benefits include an increase in productivity, improved organizational growth, reducing overhead costs and expenses, improving client relations, streamlined systems and processes.  Overall you’ll feel less overwhelm, less stress, more organized and will start to gain a freedom from your business.

How collaborative is PNP?

Business ownership can be lonely... it can be tough to know who to bounce those great ideas off of, but more importantly who to talk to when you encounter an issue.  Collaboration is the key to a successful relationship. I am by your side every step of the way. Moving together will move your business in the direction YOU want it to go.

Still have questions?

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