November 13, 2022

Business Solutions When You are Overwhelmed

Learn why you may need a business coach and about CRM systems, and business automation for boutique and small businesses in Central Florida

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You’re bursting at the seams with clients… Business is going great…You know you’re doing a great job.. So why do you feel so TIRED?!  How on earth can something you worked so hard for that has finally come to fruition now feel so chaotic and overwhelming? I’m hearing this a lot lately with those business owners who I’m talking with.  

When you’re great at your craft you naturally gain clients.  People refer you, clients hire you again, all the stars are aligned to have a successful business.. But then there’s that point where you realize it’s taken over your life.  Something has got to give and you start hearing the mentionings of systems, workflows, CRMs…all these words that sound great but you really have no idea what they are, where to begin, or who to ask (because let’s face it, many people don’t want to ask things that it seems everyone else knows about).  Well, my friends, this is where I come in!  I LOVE helping with all this overwhelm and ickiness that nobody seems to want to talk about, until they are so fed up they are ready to quit and just chuck all they’ve worked for aside.

Do I need a Business Coach?

So first off, let’s just get this out of the way. You don’t need to hire someone to understand what these things are and how they will help you.  Here’s the quick and dirty jist (no fancy terms here):

-Workflow - just a step by step guide of what you do every single time something happens.

For example, what happens when a prospective client reaches out to you.  

-Systems - look at your workflows and see what you can set up to have something that makes your life easier and save you time.

What is a CRM?

CRM - Customer Relationship Manager - think of this as a place to manage your leads, turn them into clients, have proposals, invoices and contracts ready to go and keep them all organized.

Does My Business Need Automation?

Automation - ok ready.. This is a doozy - ways to do all of those mindless tasks that you spend time on automatically (think email responders, tools that can make one thing happen when something triggers it, etc).  I can remember exactly the overwhelm I felt when I first learned that this was possible! I wanted it ALL and had no idea how to begin!

Best Business Coach in Central Florida

Now do not worry! You aren’t supposed to be able to figure this out all on your own.  You absolutely can, but if you’re to the point in your business where you need to do these things, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time to figure them out.  Give me a holler and we can have a quick 15-20 minute conversation about where your business is at and where you are feeling overwhelmed.  I’ll give you some suggestions and we can go from there, you can tackle it on your own or we can work together.  Don’t feel silly, nobody knows all of this when they are starting down the path to get un-overwhelmed (is that a word?) so ask for some help.

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