Emily Tornatore about me family photo

Everything that I enjoy circles around connecting with people.  I am happiest when I am talking to people, hearing their stories and struggles and making a difference by creating authentic relationships. This is why pursuing my passion as a business coach was so exciting!  

As a licensed massage therapist, it was always my goal to get to know my clients in a way to help them both in and out of my treatment room.  It wasn't always about how I could personally help, but how I could connect them with others who would be another resource. I found myself making introductions and offering suggestions that made dramatic positive changes to their lives and people's businesses. 

I live in Florida and while it's a vacation destination for many, it is home to me and my family.  I have two little boys and I really want to show them what it means to love what you do and have a healthy work life balance.  I came from a corporate environment in the past and am well aware of the pros and cons of a demanding corporate career, but I also have first hand experience of growing a small business.

I was so grateful to have had a great business partner for several years that balanced my strengths and weaknesses and we worked really really hard to grow a successful business…  then we figured out that maybe we didn’t do it quite the way we wanted and were being consumed growing it for others.  I know how it can be to spin your wheels and fall short of meeting your goals. My goal is to share my experience and knowledge to help you be successful in your business. 

Being a business owner can be lonely!  It can also be overwhelming.  I really enjoyed the coaching certification and different courses that I've taken up until this point (The Art and Science of Coaching was a favorite of mine) because it helped me learn how to help others.  One of my favorite things is to take a business owner who is overwhelmed and doesn't have any spare minutes in the day and help them create systems and processes that allow them to take a breath of air and gain more freedom!  I hope that I can do the same for you! Head on over to The Collaboration Connection and see if that's a great option for you!


Reach out and let me know what you’re needing some help with! I look forward to hearing from you!