Hi, I'm Emily Tornatore - Founder of Pub Napkin Partnerships

About me

Everything that I enjoy circles around connecting with people. Hearing their stories, struggles and making a difference by creating authentic relationships. This is why pursuing my passion as a business coach is so fulfilling!  ​

As a licensed massage therapist, it was always my goal to get to know my clients ina way to help them both in and out of the treatment room.  I was intentional about connecting them with others who would be a valuable resource for them. I found myself making introductions and offering suggestions that made dramatic positive changes to their lives and people's businesses. ​I live in Central Florida and while it's a vacation destination for many, it is home to my family and I. My husband and I have two little boys and I really want to show them what it means to love what you do and have a healthy work life balance. Coming from a corporate environment I am well versed in the demanding needs of a corporate career, and have first hand experience of growing a small business.

My goal is to share my experience and knowledge to help you be successful in your business.  Being a business owner can be highly challenging.  One of my favorite things is to take a business owner who is overwhelmed and doesn't have any spare time, and help them create systems and processes that allow them to take a breath of air and regain their freedom.

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How does it work?

Business Coaching and Consulting Process

Learn how Pub Napkin Partnerships works with you to customize a coaching or consulting plan that fits your business goals and needs.

Business Audit

The first thing that we do is talk about your pain points.  It’s important to dig in and see where the leaks are in your business.  Some are embarrassed to find they have leaks but these holes are what helps us to find the big wins!

Client Onboarding

A smooth process for all incoming clients is key to starting them off on the right foot.  We will determine your ideal onboarding process and get to work to put it into place.

Customer Relation Management

How do you ensure that all of your customers maintain excellent service when you’re in the weeds doing all the things?  This is where we’ll make sure that they don’t get forgotten and have a system to ensure their needs are met.

Customer Service Inquiries

How much money do you lose when someone falls thru the cracks? This is where we focus on making sure that you have systems set up to avoid this ever happening again. Personalized to your business, we will work together on making sure you have smooth communication and processes.

Financial Tracking

Many of us bury our heads in the sand because financial tracking is not our wheelhouse. That’s ok, we’ll help you determine best practices that you’ll actually be excited to follow.

Task Management

The time of forgetting things and remembering them in the middle of the night is over. We will create a task management system that works for you to slow your mind and allow you to be confident that nothing will get missed.

Business Coaching Testimonials

Emily has been a tremendous help in growing my business. She encourages me to go outside of my comfort zone so I can really rise to the next level in my industry. She’s also a great connector- connecting me with other people that will help me reach my target market. The collaboration group Emily created has been amazing. I’ve been able to ask for advice and discuss ideas with some of the leading entrepreneurs in our community. I highly recommend Emily for anyone that wants to see a change in their business, whether it’s growth or change in strategy. Emily’s commitment to your success makes her the best out there.

Sarah - Horizon West Bookkeeping

"Whether we are working on a big task that I need the accountability to complete or we are strategizing on how to hire my first employee, Emily brings her A game and makes me feel like I have it all figured out. To anyone curious if coaching is for them, I'd ask them "what would it mean to totally transform your business and your life?"

Kristen, Social Media Manager

"Working with Emily has been a game changer. I was feeling stuck and I had lost sight of my vision. I was unclear and struggling to move forward in any direction. Emily quickly reminded me of how important it is to acknowledge those struggles and tackle them head on. Weekly coaching calls have created massive business momentum."

Natalie, Acupuncture Physician

"After 22 years of being a professional athlete, I started a new small business as a professional organizer. Just as I needed a coach in sport, I needed one in business. Emily provided me with the accountability I needed to keep me focused on specific goals and achieve them in the correct order."

Alicia, Professional Organizer

"I was struggling with organization and goal setting overall...how to stay structured to obtain goals that were smart for my boutique business. With Emily’s guidance, I was able to develop programs for my new business."

Tanya, Boutique Owner


Everything you need to know

How long does the consulting process take?

Our programs vary in length from a one day intensive to 16 week programs. We also offer full-service monthly consulting as well as an ongoing option.  Don’t stress about the timing, we can customize packages to make sense for you.

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant is a trained professional who provides expert advice in a particular area. Business consultants analyze business practices, identify pain points, and recommend task based solutions.

What are the benefits of hiring a consultant?

Having a business systems and strategy consultant in your circle is essential for the overall success of your small business. Some benefits include an increase in productivity, improved organizational growth, reducing overhead costs and expenses, improving client relations, streamlined systems and processes.  Overall you’ll feel less overwhelm, less stress, more organized and will start to gain a freedom from your business.

How collaborative is PNB?

Business ownership can be lonely... it can be tough to know who to bounce those great ideas off of, but more importantly who to talk to when you encounter an issue.  Collaboration is the key to a successful relationship. I am by your side every step of the way. Moving together will move your business in the direction YOU want it to go.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please reach out to our team.